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Our Vision, Mission, and Kingdom Mandate



Kingdom Vision Ministries International is a Bible based ministry whose mission it is to train up Kingdom leaders, helping to transition them from being religious servants to sons.


We preach, teach and demonstrate the kingdom of God by ministering based on the central message of Jesus that the Kingdom of God has come, is present now, as well as eternal to come, and that Christ is the Messiah King and the only means of salvation for man.


We teach that Jesus is more than savior. We teach that He is also Lord, Owner, Master and therefore you are no longer your own but are under assignment of God to represent the kingdom of God in the same way Jesus was under assignment to represent God's sovereign rule in the



We also teach, preach and demonstrate that the right now presence of the Kingdom of God is the restoration of your personal dominion in that Jesus restored to you what Adam lost. God is always about His own original intent.


When we receive God's sovereign will, dominion and royal rule over us and through us, He through the granting of wisdom enables us to walk in a new dimension of kingdom citizenship and authority that provides for us the answers we need to live according to the way that He planned.


We do not teach that the kingdom of God and faith in God's word signals that you will get a big house, buy a Cadillac and live in the lap of luxury although it may include that.


We teach that success is summed up in this, "Did you hear God and obey Him"? That is success!


We teach that if you approach the teaching of the kingdom of God that Jesus preached, with an attitude of childlikeness then you are positioning yourself to discover the treasure (kingdom) hidden in a field, and that if you will sell all out for it, you will possess it and be able to share it with the world.


We teach that you individually and the Body of Christ corporately, are responsible for preaching, teaching and demonstrating the central message of Jesus and that it is through preaching "THIS" gospel that the end will come, according to Matthew 24:14.


We are living in the greatest time of history for the past of God's original intent is converging


with His predestined destiny for man. As we finally obey Jesus in "seeking first the kingdom of God, His Sovereign will, dominion and royal rule, and His very act of ruling in us day to day, moment to moment, and walk in His righteousness, which is His way of doing and being right, then everything we need that is necessary for us to accomplish the purpose for which He has placed us in this earth for His glory will be provided to us.


So it is to that end that our vision and mission converge to become the foundation of our ministry and the object of our pursuit is to raise up kingdom leaders who are no longer religious servants but sons. We are under assignment to do so.





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