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Kingdom Workshops


Without understanding the Kingdom of God and making it primary in our lives we miss such a vital

opportunity to experience "total life" transformation. - Dr. Leonard N. Robinson


If you are interested in hosting a Bible Study, Workshop, Seminar or Conference committed to advancing the Kingdom of God in Spirit and in Truth please feel free to contact me. Lets come together in a recognition of God's original in creating man. Knowing the Kingdom of God, the Sovereignty of our Father and who you are as His child and His ambassador, produces in you a capacity to know who you are as a person, and to love yourself so that you are capable of loving others as you love God on His terms.


Workshop Topics


1.  Rediscovering The Kingdom

2.  Soul Winners Conference and Seminars

3.  Teaching The Teacher (Ministering To Ministers)

4.  Developing Kingdom Leaders In Business

5.  Kingdom Empowerment Youth Summit (KEYS) Training

6.  Kingdom Culture Bible Reading Conferences, Seminars and Workshops

7.  How To Teach The Kingdom of God

8.  Developing And Deploying Global Kingdom Leaders

9.  Developing Internet Radio and TV Ministry


Discover God’s original intent for man and see what He may be calling us to do together to further the gospel of the Kingdom, advancing both His Kingdom and the culture of our kingdom citizenship into the many cultures of the world.  For more information, please call (267) 357-9816 today!

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